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Качество изготовления sk6812 и ws2812B Pixel LED.

Новинка изготавливают панели 16*16 на sk6812 описание во вложении.
Гена, Днипро


5V HD107s pixel addressable rgb smd pixel led tape 60pixels/M
5V HD107s pixel addressable rgb smd pixel led tape 60pixels/M

the HD107s pixel LED chip  will be the Most promising &hot selling digital pixel led chip in 2019, with PWM refresh rate: >26kHz, it is Absolutely a best choice to replace ,origianl apa102 ,apa102C(2016)/sk9822,sk6812/ws2812B LED,bec it is much more stable and faster,

Product Advantages

PWM refresh rate: >26kHz, Oscillator frequency: >30Mhz(apa102 with PWM frequency20KHZ,apa107with7KHz,sk6812/ws2811 with 400HZ, sk9822 with 4.7kHZ,)
HD107S LED with less voltage drop and one roll(5meters)can be powered with one power input without color difference,
The HD107s LED is low consumptionand high energy saving ,
( with Built-in dormancy Mode inside )

Red copper bracket and pure gold wireHigh brightness LED lamp with luminous intensity(mcd) R:700-1000 G:1500-2200 B:700-1000 ,
Pure copper bracket and 99.99% gold wire for HD107sLED chip ,
Hongqi brand 2OZ PFCB(35um cooper)with double cooper layer,
2 sides membrane cover the PFCB.Make sure the copper no drop from the pcb board.
Гена, Днипро